About Us

ADEL HAGGAG LTD. was founded as a direct result of its principals wide expertise and backgrounds in the area of Engineering, Marketing, Project Management & Services
providing for Turnkey Projects.

ADEL HAGGAG LTD. expertise in the Telecommunications systems and subsystems has developed and directed its objectives and concerns towards High Tech and Technology
transfer to the Egyptian and other Markets where ADEL HAGGAG LTD’s principals have established a very solid base throughout over 35 years of work experience and business development.

The company activities are covering the domains of Telecommunications, IT, Security, Process automation, Electronics & Micro-electronics, Fiber Optics & Laser products, Renewable energy, Energy saving, New Energy Generating Systems, Desalination &
Water treatment plants and Systems as well as the High Tech related criteria.

The long involvement in telecommunications projects implementation has developed
ADEL HAGGAG LTD’s capabilities to service & support systems and/or projects from inception to completion including feasibilities, technical and/or engineering studies,
through all various implementation phases and continue to maintain and operate such
systems and/or projects.

ADEL HAGGAG LTD Construction and construction management arm was always an
instrumental part of the service provider and project management capabilities and functions
that, in addition to telecommunication projects, covered the general contracting, engineering consultancies, supply, manufacturing and assembly of mechanical and electrical works with involvement in the civil and steel constructions, contracts and projects.

The involvement of ADEL HAGGAG LTD’s construction and construction management
arm in contracting and telecommunication projects has provided ADEL HAGGAG LTD
with a latitude and diversity to professionally and successfully undertaking implementation
of total turnkey projects.

Having made the most of employing its expertise and background, ADEL HAGGAG LTD
has put itself in a unique place as a capable projects and construction management, service provider, consultant, and one of the most dedicated companies for the above mentioned
areas in the Egyptian and other Markets.