Projects & References

ADEL HAGGAG LTD expertise and resources in project implementations and project management, successfully managed,
performed and undertook the engineering design, technical studies and participated in mechanical, electrical civil and
contracting works for the following projects:

1. The Petroleum Sector Telecommunications Network: (FARENON/HARRIS M/W) [Details]
2. The Ministry of Health System (E.M.S.)  [Details]
3. KHALDA Petroleum Company Network [Details]
4. SALHIA Project (O.A.O) [Details]
5. GUPCO Microwave Project: (DMC &TRT PTMP M/W) [Details]
6. GUPCO VHF Project [Details]
7. GUPCO Satellite Project [Details]
8. Telecom Networks & System Engineering & Design  [Details]
9. Telecom Egypt [Details]
10. Telecom Networks & System Engineering & Design  [Details]
11. NileSAT Digital SDH Microwave System [Details]
12. NileSAT Satellite Receive Only Systems [Details]
13. Maintenance & Services [Details]
14. KHALDA Petroleum Company [Details]
15. GSM Networks [Details]
16. Governmental Projects [Details]