Telecom Networks and System Engineering & Design

Participated in engineering, design and implementation of the following networks & systems.

  • Digital M/W networks of over 120 links carrying voice and data. (FARENON/HARRIS M/W)
  • M/W networks upgrade of over 75 links carrying voice and data. (NERA M/W)
  • Digital Microwave Traffic Monitoring System.
  • H.F. coastal station system consists of three control centers and provides voice, telex & data communication services (THALES).
  • H.F. Communication system including command control center(s) providing high speed data and voice communication (THALES).
  • VSAT networks visibility studies and operation programs.
  • Data transmission system integration with microwave and fiber optics networks.
  • Erection and verification of telecommunication towers and equipment shelters for nationwide GSM network
  • Verify and testing of M/W networks components and evaluate the operational characteristics and performance of these components.